This episode kicks off our “Cholos – Where Are They Now?” series. A few episodes that will explore what happens to some of those guys you thought were a lost cause when they were younger; the fools that were drunks, drug addicts, thugs, delinquents… not all of them end up dead or in prison. Some of them become artists. I’m living proof that you can always come back from even the darkest times in life if you have something in life that you’re passionate about. So is my friend, artist, Juan Carlos Munoz Hernandez (aka “Heaven”).

I’ve known him since 2nd grade and we grew up following the same bad path in life. Eventually, after years of tagging all over L.A., he turned things around and ended up getting through a rigorous process to become an assistant to sculptor Robert Graham. Today, he still runs the gallery and creates his own sculptures and paintings and continues to do commissioned murals and other work.

We had another visitor during the episode – writer Rodrigo Rivera D’Ebre, who is filming his directorial debut documentary on dark progressivism – a film that focuses on many different artists, including Heaven (Juan Carlos). Thanks to everyone who is listening to our little show. We love doing it. Please rate or review the show (even if you hate it) and if you like it, subscribe!

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