This is the second episode in our “Cholos – Where Are They Now?” mini-series. Birdman is an interesting character. Pretty laid back kind of guy who will sometimes tell a shocking story as if he’s just telling you the weather. After growing up feeling “like a human garbage can” and then getting a 2nd and 3rd chance in life, Jaime is finally living on his own terms and learning how to adjust to life on the outside while avoiding the call of the streets. Please rate or review the show (even if you hate it) and if you like it, subscribe! LINKS Jaime “Birdman” Acosta email: Instagram: @jaimebirdmanacosta   Felipe Esparza TWITTER: “@FunnyFelipe” “” INSTAGRAM: @FelipeEsparzaComedian Rodrigo Torres TWITTER: @RodrigoTorresJr INSTAGRAM: @RodrigoTorresJr Voodoo Glowskulls (they do our theme song) Ernesto Yerena (he designed our podcast logo) INSTAGRAM: @ernestoyerena Lesa ODaniel (Producer, “What’s Up Fool?” podcast) TWITTER: @whatsupfoolpod