Our guest this week is Juan Catalan (@JuanCatalan31) from the Netflix documentary “The Long Shot”, which chronicles his experience being wrongly accused and tried for a murder he didn’t commit – only to be exonerated by a clip from a comedy series on HBO. Also sitting in: Comedian Erik Rivera @ErikRiveraComedy LINKS Felipe Esparza: TWITTER: @FunnyFelipe INSTAGRAM: @FelipeEsparzaComedian Rodrigo Torres: TWITTER: @RodrigoTorresJr INSTAGRAM: @RodrigoTorresJr Johnny Roque: TWITTER: @JohnnyRoque INSTAGRAM: @RoqueJohnny         0000087C 0000087D 0001F5C2 0001F5D5 00061AC1 00061AC1 0000913C 0000913C 0000B5D6 0000B5D6