Our friend Joe “Hulk” McQueen helps us kick off our series on “Hollywood Dreamers”… What makes a normal person drop everything and move to California to take their chances at fame and (maybe) fortune? What if they don’t make it big? Why do they still stay? What makes them get back up every time the industry knocks them down? Joe McQueen tells his story – an incredible story of passion, struggle, homelessness, being a “superhero” and life on the fringe of Hollywood. Joe McQueen TWITTER: @JoeHulkMcQueen Check out the documentary about 4 superhero characters who work at Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood – “Confessions of a Superhero” – available on Netflix. Felipe Esparza TWITTER: @FunnyFelipe http://www.felipesworld.com Rodrigo Torres TWITTER: @RodrigoTorresJr