For any tour date on my calendar in 2019, you can have a chance to win 2 free tickets by following the steps below:

1.  Print out the “Flat Felipe” image in this post.   2019 Flat Felipe_v3

2.  Color it, decorate it any way you want.

3.  Take Flat Felipe with you everywhere you go and snap a photo – could be anything from going grocery shopping with you to riding in an airplane. Make the photos interesting.

4.  Post the photos to your instagram account (this contest is only on instagram) with 2 things: (1) the hashtag #FlatFelipe and (2) the name of the city you want to see me in. Posts can either be separate posts or multiple photos in one post.

5.  You can post any time starting now until 1 week before the show when we’ll pick 2 winners.

6.  NOTE: If your profile is private, we can’t see your posts or your hashtags!!