Okay so it’s not me in the photo… that’s comedian Ari Shaffir who started a show with his comedian friends telling crazy but true stories on stage. It’s called “This Is Not Happening”. The stories aren’t stand-up exactly, just crazy stories – some are funny, some are sad, some are trippy… Season 2 has started and I’m in it!

I’m telling my story next week and it’s about how I changed my life and got into comedy. Some of it might shock you, but it’s part of my past and I think it’s a pretty good story too.

Check it out on

    Comedy Central late Tuesday night Mar 22nd at 12:30am

(okay, technically early Wednesday morning)…
Or set your DVR.
Or catch it on demand later or on the Comedy Central app the day after it airs (there’s a link below with info on their app).

Hope you like it!