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Honda #UnBuenFit Campaign in the Top 5 Hispanic Social Media Campaigns!

In an unconventional turn of events, Honda is reaching out to Latino millennials by honing into their satirical humor and mocking how brands traditionally approached the hard-to-define demographic. Launching the #UnBuenFit campaign in 2015, Honda pokes fun at advertisers who single out young Hispanics with ready-to-fiesta attitudes. [Link to full article]  

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Felipe Esparza Stars in New 2015 Honda Fit Campaign

Honda put me in a commercial! Click below to read about the 2015 Honda Fit campaign and to watch the TV spots – I am starring in a TV and online campaign targeting Latinos. Premieres on June 24, 2014! [Press] Honda Latino Campaign Un Buen Fit for Fit 2015 Honda Fit Ad Week Article – “Honda Targets Hispanic Millennials by Mocking…

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Podcast now on Stitcher

My What’s Up Fool? podcast is now ready on Stitcher. Episode 3 comes out 2 weeks from today. [gdlr_button href=”” target=”_blank” size=”medium” background=”#ffdb6e” color=”#000000″]Check it out[/gdlr_button]

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